Monday, August 7, 2017

Dahlia Garden & other things

The dahlias area back at the garden plot adjacent the Conservatory of Flowers. When I think of dahlias, I tend to think of a big bloom with many, long, thing petals. -sort of the plant version of a sea anemone. This garden reminds me that dahlias come in many shapes and sizes.

Here's a selection of what I saw yesterday--

A highlight of last week was getting to cruise in my buddy's '67 convertible Corvette Stingray. Man, what a beautiful car! And fifty years later, the clock still works. I was impressed with the whole affair.

Anyone digging attention from strangers needs a vintage automobile. So many people waved, smiled, honked & flashed the peace sign (go figure) at my friend while we were out and about sans top. Of course, I wore sunblock for our jaunt.

Cleaning windows last week temporarily transported me back to CH. 1 August is Swiss National Day & these folk down in Belmont were representing! I wonder if they had a huge (unattended) bonfire in their back garden in celebration? ;)


  1. Bea, I've never seen those round ones. I must look for them. My sister's boyfriend had a 68 Vet and I loved riding in it.

    1. Man, how cool are those older Corvettes?! The variety of dahlias is almost staggering. I love the ones that sort of look like sea anemones. The almost daisy-like blossoms were an unexpected find.

  2. Love dahlias and they come in an incredible range of colours and styles. My partner has a fondness for the pom-pom ones, but I love the big blousy two-tone beauties.
    Your vintage jaunt sounds like a heap of fun.

    1. I, like your partner, really dig the pom-pom ones. Two-tones are way cool, too. The ones with the sort of rolled up looking petals were really trippy.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, they're lovely. The car that I didn't take a full picture of is really pretty, too. :)


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